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I do not back up my computer as I should. While I have an external hard drive for that purpose, I have yet to find a back up program which I can use successfully. I run XP. Do you have any suggestions? I am at the point that I will pay to get an easy to use back up program. thank you very much!

Hi Jaye,

What do you want to backup exactly? I usually backup my data regularly and for the Windows operating system and programs, I use another program to create an identical "image" copy.

For my data backups, I usually do it manually. If you want to make it as seamless as possible, you might want to buy hard drives that comes with the one click backup solutions. I think both Seagate and Western Digital makes these external drives. Just make sure you see that mentioned as a feature before purchasing.

Another alternative is to use a program like SyncBack which has a free version available:

You can set it up to sync folders between your computer and the external hard drive. You can then just launch SyncBack and run the sync feature.

For the Windows and program backup, it's a much bigger task since you are copying the entire hard drive or partition which you can use later on in the future to do a restore if anything goes wrong. If you are interested in this also, I recommend either Acronis TrueImage or Norton Ghost.

Hope that helps.


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