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I do not back up my computer as I should. While I have an external hard drive for that purpose, I have yet to find a back up program which I can use successfully. I run XP. Do you have any suggestions? I am at the point that I will pay to get an easy to use back up program. thank you very much!

Hello fellow Tarheel - I live in Huntersville near Charlotte.
I use the backup software that came with my Seagate external drive. Works for me.
Check to see if this is available as free download at

Leo Notenboom of uses Macrium Reflect and I quote from Leo at:
"Many external drives will actually come with backup software of some sort so that's often a good place to start. If you elect to purchase backup software, there are many good choices - I personally use and recommend Macrium Reflect for most home users. Starting with Windows 7, the backup program included with the operating system appears also worthy of consideration."

Leo publishes an excellent computer newsletter (free subscription). Also he has published a Microsoft XP book. See his website

Disclaimer: I am simply a devoted subscriber to Leo's newsletter and have no financial interest in any of his endeavours.


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