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QUESTION: Odd change in what happens, over just the past few days, when I open a folder in Windows Explorer.  If I have .jpg files, for example, and switch from Detail to Thumbnail, I get a small version of the picture.  But if I go to a folder of .flv files, I get the icon of the program set to open that kind of file.  
    I've tried unplugging the video camera used with Skype, thinking maybe I was over-stressing the image processing components - no change.  
    I did a System Restore to a date before this change appeared ~ I used to see an image helping me identify the video in most cases - but sometimes a blank/black image, and sometimes the logo of the program used to open the file.  But nothing I've though of makes any difference.  
    I've found no help in Help - it assumes I'll get a thumbnail if possible, and I contend I used to but can no longer get a thumbnail of a video (exception is if the file is an .mpg versus all other video file types).
    So, I'm baffled, stumped, and frustrated.  ;-}  Bill in beautiful downtown Guilford CT.  Thanks in advance !!!

ANSWER: Bill in beautiful downtown Guilford, CT:  my guess is that the file association has been corrupted.  I did a little snooping and came up with the following site:  See if one of those would help.

Have you tried reinstalling the software for your vidoeo camera.  Somewhere along the line that could have been corrupted.  

Hope this helps somewhat.  Let me know.  If it doesn't work, we'll try something else.  Enjoy.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I wonder if it is the File Association issue, or some other indirect setting?  In any case, I installed the photo and video editing software package from my digital camera.  Rebooted and all that.  No difference in seeing anything but the logo when a .flv file appears in the View Thumbnails setting in Windows Explorer.

What else can I try?

ANSWER: Bill:  it could very well be a file association issue.  In Windows Explorere, go one of your files.  Right click and select properties.  There should be an indication on the panel of what program it uses to open the file.  There should be button called Change.  Click it and select the program you want it to open with.  If it's not listed, click on the Browse button and locate the executable file for the program.  Give it a whirl and let me know.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Tried that with the following results.  Changed the default playing program to iStudio which came with my Samsung camera, for .flv files.  Left the former program BSplayer associated with .mp4 files.  Switched from Thumbnail to Details, moved from the video folder to my Word documents folder, the back to the video folder.  When I switched from Details to Thumbnail, all files showed the icon of the BSplayer program.

Now looking for a Plan C or D ;-}

Bill:  looks like all I'm doing is making it worse.  My last suggestion would be to do a system restore to a point a month or so before you made the initial change.  At least that will undo some of the damage I've caused.  

I have shot my proverbial wad.  Sorry I haven't been much help.  Maybe you might want to throw it out there again and see if someone else can do you some good.  Enjoy.


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