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QUESTION: I have an IBM Laptop that has windows 98. When typing on it i use Wordpad, because it doesn't have Wordperfect.I want to transfer the files to my PC that uses Windows XP. The only way i know how to do this is with the floppy disk drive attachment. I don't have one for a CD. At first I had to format the floppy disk on the Windows 98 and then when I tried it in the Windows Xp, it said it wasn't the right format. So i tried it the opposite way and got the same results. I tried all the types of formatting and none matched. Both of the computers have Wordpad. Now my laptop is saying "Device isn't ready" when i try to access the floppy. I really don't want to have to read it off on and type it on the other. What do i do?

ANSWER: hello lydia how are you doing

well it looks like the floppy disk is bad , maybe using a different one could fix the problem

also if you have a flash drive "flash memory" you can plug it in the windows 98 laptop and copy the file to it then move it to the windows xp machine

also if this laptop has a network adapter you can try hooking it up to your wireless router "if you have any" to one of the Ethernet ports in the back then it will be part of the network where u can transfer files from to machine directly
and here is  alink on how to do that

another way if there is a modem on the win98 laptop , how about hooking it up to a land line and using one of the free access internet numbers " im not sure where u live " but you may want to google that up or ask your isp if they do provide that option
the point it hooking the laptop to the internet then email the file to your self and then on the xp machine download that file.

hope that help if you need more help please feel free to contact me back.
have a nice day.

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QUESTION: My HDMI Thinkpad( windows 95, pretty old) started turning itself on at random times. It started doing this a few months ago. At first, I unplugged it( it can't run for longer than like 5 minutes if not plugged in), because it woke me up. But then in order to use it, it had be plugged in again for a long time, to recharge it enough to start. Eventually I moved it downstairs so I could leave it plugged in. When I saw it turned on i would shut it down. But if I wasnt home and it turned on, it would eventually fall asleep, and (since the sleep function doesnt let the computer reboot after a while) turn off. It seemed to suffer no ill effects when I turned it on the normal way. But lately it turned itself on over and over again until it just stopped being able to boot up. It would start and then stop, like it couldn't boot up, even though it was plugged in. I unplugged it,to try and save energy while i could, but now when I plug it in to try and charge it to use, it starts to turn on, stops and is dead. I don't know what to do or how to get anything i had on it off. Its very important. I didn't know if buying power cord would help, but its pointless I don't want to spend the money.  Is there anything, or is it hopeless?

hello lidya
buying a power cord will not help , if the computer turns on then turn of directly that means its a hardware issue , could be board could be power supply or it could be ram
unfortunately I cant help you with that , you probably want to take it to computer shop to check out what needs to be replaced if possible

have a good day

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