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I have dial up and email is  I keep getting a notice that some of the features in future won't keep working from browser being out of date soon.  I have updated my microsoft recently but didnt' help.
Only item that won't update that keeps getting hung up is the microsoftSecurity Essentials Client update Pks. KB2754296.  
What do I need to do to fix that.  Do I need to change my brower to google or etc.
Also what is the best program to have on my computer for freezes, etc.
Any info on how to keep the old computer running fast and keeping up with downloading would greatly be appreciated.

This in not a computer trouble.  It is because of the dial up. There is no program to fix it. Dial up is obsolete there for the speed required is to slow so the PC browser whatever it is reacts poorly and freezes up. The only solution is for you to go to high speed. There are many options open to you that will actually save you money in the long run, Verizon can usually cut you the best deal,  You should call them to discuss it. Also if you’re using  IE7 you should update to IE 8.

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