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I have windows xp and dial up live in the country hard to get wireless to work .
when I try and print off stuff or look at adope pdf it say damaged files or corrup what can I do.  Is there a program that I need to install.  I do try and keep up with defrag and upkeep on computer maintence.
Thank you.

Adobe and other applications that are saying files are corrupted when trying to access them or print them could indicate exactly what the problem is. If the corruption is with every single PDF you can get your hands on, there may be an issue with the Adobe installation, but I doubt it is the problem.

Because you are mostly on dial-up, file corruption is often a problem. Downloading files takes a massively long time and in that long of a time period, there could be interference with the phone wire that connects the computer to the wall. You can try replacing the phone cord with a different one to see if the other cord was damaged. I would also have the phone jacks checked for possible corrosion for faulty connections. If you are running the phone cord close (within 6 inches) to other wires of any kind, you could also be getting interference that from the radiation of the other wires causing corruption in the data sent during your download of your documents.

Worse comes to worse, uninstall and re-install Adobe Reader and see how newly downloaded files load. If the same problem occurs, attempt to get your files from a different source and transfer them to your computer to use them.

Hope something here is of some help to you. Have a great day!

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