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QUESTION: I am running explorer 7 with home xp 32. A few days ago the shortcuts began moving around when I added a new one and when I try to rearrange them to avoid having to hunt in a different place they don't go where I want them, everything starts shifting around. Very annoying.  I also have an issue with explorer 8 windows xp on another computer where 'white' comes up with a repetive cycle of microsoft error messages.  It is the only site on that computer that does it.  Any ideas?

Hello Clem,

Regarding the issue of "runny, hide n seek" icons, that could be solved by right-clicking on the desktop, scrolldown to "Arrange By" then deselecting "Auto Arrange". If you find this option already unchecked, then do the following:

1- Right click on the desktop and select "Properties"
2- Go to "Display", then "Settings" and drag the resolution bar to "800x600"
NOTE: The current resolution setting.
3- Accept changes. The screen display would look a bit messier, don't worry.
4- Minimize the current display setup window.
5- Right click on desktop and select refresh.
6- Confirm whether the shortcut icons have swapped places.

IF YES- Close the minimized setup window and restart XP.
IF NO- Right click on a blank desktop area and repeat the "Auto Arrange Icons" setting. This time deselecting then selecting. Then closing the minimized setup window. Continue step 8 below.

7- Once you've restarted, repeat steps 5 to 6.
8- Repeat steps 1 and 2 but this time drag the slider to  a higher resolution than 800x600 or back to the original resolution.

Confirm whether the issue has been solved.

Regarding your Explorer 8 issue,
1- Please open IE 8 and click on Tools then Internet Options
2- Click on the Advanced tab and right down below it, click on Reset.
3- Await the browser to apply a reset. Repeat step 1 but this time click on the Privacy tab.
4- Drag the slider to Medium High. Do the same in the Security tab.
5- Once it's done, re-visit the troublesome site.

Good luck.

Kind Regards,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: your suggestion about fixingthe white pages error worked fine.  In researching why, I discovered the solution was to increase the privacy setting to medium high from medium.  When I putit back the problem returned.  As to the miserable icon shifting I got to changing the current setting to 600800 from where it was at 1024 768 but there was no option to minimize only a ? and X in the upper right where the minimize usually is. So I'm stuck, the aggravating icons keep going where they feel like it.  Any ideas?  I just developed another problem if I can trouble you with it:  I'm trying to set up a DSL connection on a computer currently on dialup and it refuses to do it after checking 'never dial'  Any ideas on that one.  Thanks for your help.

Hello Clem,

To quickly restore or rather change your resolution, please go HERE

Download the file and follow the instructions to change your resolution in one go. If file is not opening, then you will require THIS

Install that and use it to open the file, install and fix your resolution.

Clem, regarding DSL connection, the Ethernet Adapter might not be enabled but the dial-up source connection is currently the default.The Ethernet Adapter needs to be enabled and made the default connection.

On the bottom right hand corner of the screen, right click on the connection icon(one with a red cross) and select Properties.

Within connections window, right click on the Ethernet Connection adapter and select Enable.
Do the same to the dial-up one but select Disable.

Hope that will solve your problem.


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