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hi..i have a friend out of state who has xp on a laptop. last week the pc was fine, but this week when she turns it on, there is a white bar that flashes, but nothing else happens. i told her on the phone to try in safemode, when when she f8's it, nothing happens. she suspects someone has tampered with the pc. any advice on what to do here? thank you!

If there is a floppy drive on her computer, tell her to eject any floppy drives that may be present in the drive. A floppy drive will cause this very issue.

If there is no problem with a floppy drive, try the same things with the CD/DVD drive. Depending on what media is in the drive may determine if the boot-up get's interrupted.

If both drives are clear and the problem persists, have her listen for any clicking noises. That could indicate the hard drive has gone bad and though the board of the hard drive might work, still allowing the laptop to try booting off of it, the disk can not actually read any data to load the operating system. This can explain the inability to enter safe mode because without the laptop being able to load the operating system, you can't enter safe mode.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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