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Hello. I stupidly changed the dpi setting to 200 in windows xp resulting in everything being very large and many things being inaccessible.  I know I have to go to properties:settings:advanced, but I can't reach the bottom of the screen where "advanced" is in order to click on it.  Advice I've found online says to hold the alt button to adjust screen size but that does nothing.  Please help.

Hello Jonathan how are you doing

restart your computer and keep pressing F8 until a boot menu show up , choose safe mode from that menu then when it boots and you login to windows xp safe mode , screen resolutions and dpi settings should go back to fail safe settings , reset the dpi to whatever it was and then restsart the computer
hopefully that fixes your issue, if that didnt work let me know we can try other stuff , im not sure what graphics adapter you have but most of them come with their own utility , if you right click on the desktop do you see nvidia or intel etc.. or ati ?  if you do then try clicking them and you should be able to use the graphics card manufacturer tool to reset the dpi  

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