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Windows XP/white pages .com microsoft error


this is the only site I have a problem with.  I keep getting a repeated error message that keeps cycling when I send it.  It just started this a few weeks ago and has continued to work fine on my other computer.  
Additionally the other computer has the desktop shortcut icons moving where they are not wanted every time I add one or try to rearrange them even though nothing has been added

As for the whitepages, I can not help you there. On the icons not arranging the way you'd like, I can help you there. If you haven't tried already, attempt to load the website in a different browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, I recommend using Firefox of Google Chrome as a main browser as there is more functionality, security and support for webpages

Right click on your desktop and mouse over "Arrange Icons by" and when the sub-menu opens up, you'll have a list of options to "Auto-arrange", "Align to grid", and then other options to sort by name, type, etc. If oyu want to move your desktop icons anywhere you want, make sure "Align to grid" is deselected. After this is done, you should be able to move your icons around. You might also want to deselect "Auto-arrange" so it doesn't snap back later if you add icons or arrange them by "name", "type", etc.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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