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I cannot find any of my programs in my "All Programs".

It used to be that when I click the "Start" then the "All Programs" I can find my programs there but now they're not there, and not really sure what's missing and what's not.

My OS is XP and the last thing I remember doing before the problem happened was that I was downloading a free game(actually a flight simulator) for my son and along with it I am afraid some other stuff filtered
I went ahead and deleted it because it did not work onmy PC I also check for my programs like C drive among other cannot find them
,I tried to look at the "Add or Remove Programs" to see if they're still there and they are.
But I also lost my internet DSL conection when I click on my "e" explorer it does wnat to open but it shuts down righ away and the little conectivity screen down below on the right hand lower corner dissapeare, I also run my AVAST antivirus just in case it detected something but there is no infection acording to it

I can still open Word, Excel, Photoshop because they're at the start Menu but the others are missing.

Hope you can help.


hello pete how are you doing
i'm not sure what exactly happened , usually this happens if there is a virus that infected your machine , and it could be removing the game screwed up the user profile
so first i want you to double check that its not a virus
goto and download malwarebytes install it and update it and run a quick scan , remove infections if found and reboot if required , then download this tool from

its called unhide.exe run it and let it do its machine , when it done check if you got your icons and programs back in the start menu , if not then goto
C:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe and press Enter. and restore your system to a day before the date you installed the game " if available" , if not then ignore it and we should try other stuff

let me know how it works if you need more help please feel free to contact me back anytime through or directly at
have a nice day

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