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I recently bought a used Dell XPS 410.  The guy had Windows 7 on it, but I think it was a bootleg version...and I wanted to install Windows XP anyway.  So I used Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) to wipe the hard drive.  (I used the PRNG Stream method, and it took just about all day.)   And now...when I put my Windows XP cd in and try to load it, I can't.  I get the following message:

Device Driver Not Found:  'OEMCD001'
No valid CDROM device drivers selected.
The Windows Setup Files were not found.

The computer has both a DVD Rom drive, and a DVD R/RW drive.  And I've also tried to boot using a USB CD drive, but get the same message.

Any suggestions/advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

During boot, the BIOS firmware must choose the source of boot software.
Since the hard drive is blank and the Windows XP CD is in the CD reader, the BIOS must point
toward the CD reader for boot software.
Access the BIOS on your Dell computer and edit it to address the CD for boot info.
(The BIOS is most likely set up now to address the hard drive.)
Instructions for doing this should be in your Dell users manual or look on-line at
See for an example of how to edit the BIOS.
However your Dell PC might require a slightly different procedure.

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