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I recently bought a used Dell XPS 410.  The guy had Windows 7 on it, but I think it was a bootleg version...and I wanted to install Windows XP anyway.  So I used Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) to wipe the hard drive.  (I used the PRNG Stream method, and it took just about all day.)   And now...when I put my Windows XP cd in and try to load it, I can't.  I get the following message:

Device Driver Not Found:  'OEMCD001'
No valid CDROM device drivers selected.
The Windows Setup Files were not found.

The computer has both a DVD Rom drive, and a DVD R/RW drive.  And I've also tried to boot using a USB CD drive, but get the same message.

Any suggestions/advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Hello David how are you doing
i never saw that error msg in my life " except pre windows 2000 OS"

i would start by going to the bios and reseting everything to defaults then try to install windows xp from windows xp CD
if that didnt work out try disconnecting one of the dvd drives and use the other one if that didnt work disconnect the other one and reconnect the previously disconnected one and try to install windows xp using it.

when this used to happen with windows 98 it was problem with having the hard drive set as a primary "IDE cables" and other cdroms as secondarys  , having one cdrom attached to the same hard drive socket as secondary used to fix the issue , so maybe its the same thing.

good luck

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