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I wrote a very long forum, then when I clicked on "submit" my forum completely disappeared, this happened to me twice. Some one said that I needed to "cut and paste" so I could reclaim it if the first one goes away.  I have read several methods on how to do this, but there is one thing they always leave out: where to paste it, and how do I retrieve it.  I can't believe anyone would go to the trouble to explain how to cut and paste and not tell you where to paste it and how to retrieve the material.  Can you help?

Phillip, when keying into an online forum, a copy of the keyed text can be saved to a Microsoft Word file or a text file. For example, open Microsoft Word or your favorite text editor then highlight the text in the forum by holding the left mouse button down. Depress the CTRL key simultaneously with the C key to copy the highlighted text or select COPY in the EDIT menu. The text is saved temporarily on the CLIPBOARD (a special storage area) and can be pasted to the WORD or text file by depressing CTRL and V or select PASTE in the EDIT menu. CUT and COPY functions along with PASTE are very useful when editing or saving text.

See the reference link below for a detailed description of the process using MS Office 2003:

Methods of accessing the CLIPBOARD when using the various Windows versions are described in the following link:
(The test below is copied from the computerhope page linked above.)
Sometimes improperly referred to as the pasteboard, the clipboard is the location in a computer operating system such as Microsoft Windows that stores information that has been cut or copied from a document or other location. The clipboard will hold this information until it has been overwritten by new information. For example, a user may copy information from a word processor and paste that information into an e-mail message.

Many operating systems include software utilities known as clipboard viewers that enable a user to see what information is currently being stored in the clipboard, setup the clipboard with permissions, or view the history of the clipboard.

How do I open the clipboard?

Windows 7 and Windows 8 users

Unfortunately Microsoft has decided to no longer included any clipboard viewer in Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8. In order to view the contents of the clipboard you need to download a third-party utility

Windows 2000 and XP users

Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP users may find it difficult to locate the clipboard because it has been renamed to the Clipbook viewer. It can be located by opening Windows Explorer, opening the "Winnt" or "Windows" folder, then the "System32" folder, and finally double clicking the clipbrd.exe. Users can also click Start, Run, type clipbrd and press enter to execute this program.

Windows 9x, ME and NT users

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, and ME come installed with a clipboard viewer that can be run by clicking Start, Programs, System Tools, and clicking Clipboard Viewer. The clipboard viewer is also executable through the clipbrd.exe file in the Windows directory.
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The link below describes downloadable programs which allow viewing the CLIPBOARD in Windows 7 and 8:  

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