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I have an old self build computer with a chaintech 7VJL DeLuxe M/B running Award Bios V6.00PG.
Recently I had problems and when I tried to boot up I got to the post page and then it changed to the next page which looked like about six lines at the bottom scrolling rapidly.
I managed to get into the Bios and set "Fail Safe Defaults" which allows me to operate the Computer.
What I would like to know is how to update the bios as I am sure it is corrupted due to the problems I had installing Google Chrome and another program that came with it. I had to use MABM to get rid of 177 problems and then delete the whole lot.
Sorry this is a long request and you may not be able to assist as it isnt actually a Windows problem.

Further info :- 2Mb Ram,AMD 2500XP+ 1.83Ghz Cpu, Chaintech 7VJL DeLuxe M/B,Floppy drive,CD/dvd reader,CD burner and 2off 80Gb Harddrives (1 as backup only for Docs and Pics)Win XP SP3 and all updates so far issued.I really hope that you can help

This is not a BIOS issue. I can most definitely tell you this because if your BIOS were to be corrupt, you would not even be able to boot into Windows...or ANY OS for that matter.

What you have is an issue inside of the operating system itself. It sounds like you've acquired a virus of some sort (given malwarebytes found quite a bit of issues). Most virus programs are unable to properly remove all viruses as though the virus may now be removed, you may still have other malicious things such as spyware, rootkits, etc, etc.

The best things to do is back up your data and reinstall Windows XP back to your main drive. Make sure you can properly identify which hard drive you install to since you said both drives were 80GB in size which will make it harder to logically identify in the Windows XP setup screen. Back up to an external drive just in case.

Doing this will ensure you do not have any viruses on your system. Before hooking up your data back up to the computer after it has been cleanly installed with Windows XP, I would scan ALL of your backed up data to make sure nothing in your data will cause an issue again.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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