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Hai Sir,this is durgarao.iam using win xp3 os,whenever format pc with xp3 os there is a problem,after copying system files and saving configuration it will restart and then "press any ky boot from cd and 5 dots" then cursor blinking but not responded furhter installation step.What might be a problem.

thank you.

Given a lot of past experience with this exact issue, it appears to be you either have your hard drive booting at a lower priority than another device after the CD/DVD drive in the BIOS, and then the computer is trying to boot from the device with higher priority and there is nothing to boot from on said device, making it appear to hang. Check your BIOS boot order setting and make sure your hard drive is set to boot second right after the CD/DVD drives option.

NOTE: If you have more than one hard drive installed to the computer (both internal and External, make sure to change the hard drive list order priority so the computer will correctly boot off the hardd rive the files are on and not hang trying to boot from an empty/nonbootable drive.

If this option is already confirmed correct in the BIOS and it still doesn't boot to the rest of the setup on the hard drive, try booting to the hard drive manually by hitting the appropriate key (depending on the manufacturer of the computer, could be ESC, F12, etc). The key is often referred to as the "Boot Menu" or the "One time boot menu" depending on the manufacturer. Attempt to boot off the hard drive in the given menu after hitting said key and see if the computer successfully boots from the hard drive. If it does, celebrate.

If it doesn't work after all that, you may have a bad hard drive, bad hard drive controller, or motherboard component that sees the hard drive as a device with some sort of stability (possibly blown caps). Check all the factors if you end up at this point in the trial and error.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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