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   I bought a used 2go PC, one of those netbooks kids use in school.  It has a fresh install Windows XP Home Edition with service pack 3. It has a Intel Celeron M processor.  It has a 40gb hard drive and it has 2gb memory.  
   I have used Asus, HP and Dell netbooks with less memory and Win7 and they run tremendously better than this 2go PC.  Even with 2gb memory it is very slow.  Video is very choppy. Even the Winxp doesn't fit the screen.
    I don't know what to do.  Would putting Windows 7 on it make it better?  could it be the Avast Virus on it that slows it down?
    Right now it seems unusable.  I want to put Microsoft office on it and use it for typing, email and internet search but all three are not good.  What can I do?

From the information "Video is very choppy. Even the Winxp doesn't fit the screen." , it sounds like the video driver (and maybe other drivers for the system are not installed). Not having the video driver will make even the fastest computer seem like the slowest computer.

To go to the Device Manager, click the START button and right click "My Computer" and click "properties". With the new window that appears, click over to the "Hardware" tab and then click "Device Manager" from within that tab window.

If my guess is correct, you will probably find drivers with yellow question marks/exclamation point on them. They may be listed under "Other drivers" since they currently don't have a category for them yet.

Go to the manufacturer website and locate drivers for your specific model and operating system, then install the drivers and restart the computer. You should notice dramatic improvement if done correctly.

NOTE: Guide to driver terms:
Video controller = Video driver needed
SM Bus controller = chipset driver needed
Multimedia Device/Audio device on audio bus = audio driver needed
Communication device/Communication on audio bus = PCI dial up modem driver needed
Network Controller = WiFi driver needed
Ethernet Controller = LAN(Ethernet) driver needed

Other information:

Avast antivirus has a moderately heavy load on startup since it immediately tries to update its virus definitions, but once it has done so, it does not have a significant impact on performance.

Putting Windows 7 may be faster than Windows XP without it's drivers, but Windows XP will be a lot faster than Windows 7 once those drivers are installed. 2GB of RAM is bare minimum requirement for Windows 7. Even though the advertising and packaging for Windows 7 will say 1GB for 32 bit version, trust me you'd probably throw your computer at the wall for it being so slow because 2GB of RAM is barely enough for the computer to not need to swap data through the RAM all the time to the hard drive to not "run out of RAM", making it super slow. Windows XP runs very efficient on just 512MB of RAM, so 1GB of RAM is plenty, and 2GB of RAM you'll never have to worry.

Hope this all helps, have a great day!

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