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Windows XP/the System Volume Info folder and sub-folders


I have windows XP.  on a PC.  I have come across, more or less by accident, a
system folder (hidden etc) called the System Volume Information folder. I have read
endless articles on it, but they never address my questions!
Can you, or can you not, delete the 100s of sub-folders in here!?
Does the space it takes up, on my C drive, ever get smaller, go away, time off after
3 months, etc.  ?  I notice right now it is over 6GB, almost as big as Windows itself!
It seems to cause my space-used on C drive to forever get bigger,,,when I do a MSE's
to scan for virus, it now takes over 2 hours!  I myself use only 7GB, windows uses 7GB,
and this SVI stuff uses almost 7GB,,and it seems to grow daily,,,,does it ever stop
growing!?  I know its for restart/checkpoint stuff,  but what good is it if you never use it,
and it takes over all the disk space on your c drive!?   I have deleted a few of the sub-folders
in here, with no pains, but there are at least 120 of them,,,do any of them ever go away on their
own,,,they all seem to be 3-4 months old, but at this rate, this SVI will occupy over 10GB
on my c drive!  I have a 80GB c drive.   thanx!

This folder should not be messed with. It is hidden for a reason. I can not even delete it in Linux without it just coming back. It is a required folder for the hard drive. I believe it related to the indexing info of all the files on the hard drive. Without it, it probably would not be able to know where each file starts and ends on the hard disk. Do not worry, it will not consume all the space on your hard drive, nor will it consume even 10GB in size.

If you want to gain some disk space by removing the old files off the hard drive that build up over time from programs and settings, download CCleaner, install it, then run the scanner for cleaning out files within the program. Depending on what OS, how many programs, how often you clean out the computer, etc, you may have a lot of space being taken up by stuff that is much more controllable and is confirmed to not be needed in the computer. I've seen wasted space cleaned out from CCleaner from 500MB to 12GB in total size.

Have a great day!

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