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   I bought a used 2go PC, one of those netbooks kids use in school.  It has a fresh install Windows XP Home Edition with service pack 3. It has a Intel Celeron M processor.  It has a 40gb hard drive and it has 2gb memory.  
   I have used Asus, HP and Dell netbooks with less memory and Win7 and they run tremendously better than this 2go PC.  Even with 2gb memory it is very slow.  Video is very choppy. Even the Winxp doesn't fit the screen.
    I don't know what to do.  Would putting Windows 7 on it make it better?  could it be the Avast Virus on it that slows it down?
    Right now it seems unusable.  I want to put Microsoft office on it and use it for typing, email and internet search but all three are not good.  What can I do?

Don, Windows 7 would not speed up this laptop. And Windows XP SP3 should be a good match for the Celeron processor which is most likely much slower than the processor in the Windows 7 computer that you have used.
Suggestions: Close open browser tabs when not needed, minimize the number of programs opening at startup and minimize the number of programs running simultaneously. For example run your email program alone. Change the display resolution via control panel to resolve the screen-fit problem.
Uninstall AVAST and download Microsoft Security Essentials also the free Malware Bytes Anti-Malware. I also use the MS Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (for rootkit removal).
Like you, I use a relatively speedy Windows 7 computer but occasionally an older and slower Acer laptop with Windows XP SP3 for certain purposes. As mentioned, I minimize tabs and programs and also maximize patience.

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