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Windows XP/windows 8 screen resolution problem


QUESTION: i have lenovo mini laptop but when i try to open any video or any image saved in my computer there is a message that change the screen resolution to 1024 x 768 but in the screen resolution option there is not option of this please guide

ANSWER: Hello Wasim

sorry for the delay
I need to know the exact model # of the Lenovo mini laptop
this is an issue with the graphics adapter driver and usually it needs to be updated if Lenovo have a driver for it

waiting for your reply
have a good day

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thanks for the reply, my lenovo model is idea pad S10-2, on the other hand kindly note that i have installed complete drivers of it. there was a video on youtube i watch and i was able to resolve the issue
in the run option i typed "regdit" and then if press ctrl+f, and in the find dialoge box i type "display_downscallingsupported" there was a search result i double click on it and change the resolution from 0 to 1 i restart my system and i was able to play all videos and other's... thanks. also kindly guide me if there is any alternative solution... regards,

hello wasim

yes you followed the correct instructions but did you change all the downscallingssupported values? there should be more than just one and you need to change those too
also did you change your screen resolution after changing the values to 1024*768 ?

here are the complete set of instructions again you can follow  

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