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QUESTION: I have just had to reload xp, and then do all the updates from Msoft etc.
I now have a completely clean installation, including avast, office, todo etc.What I want is to create a disc of the 'up to date' system so that in future if I need to re-load i can use this disc. I am sure this is possible , but ordinary backup seems to miss a few important files.

ANSWER: Hello Martin how are you doing
you need to use a 3rd party software to create a system image of the current os state , windows xp doesnt have that option while windows 7 and 8 does

take a look at this software its free and easy o use

if you need more help please feel free to contact me back anytime
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QUESTION: Many thanks..I now have todo, but am confused between back up and disk clone.In the event of failure or virus that is not treatable by system restore, i want   to load a 'installation disk that takes me back to the state with all the hundreds of updates...
do i do 'system backup' or 'disk/partition backup.

Hello Martin how are you doing
sorry for the late reply
you want to do a system back up then choose a location where you want to save that image to for example external hard drive or you may want to use multiple DVDs
you also want to go to tools and create a system boot disk because with that disk you can reimage your computer with the system backup that you created
let me know if you need more help
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