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QUESTION: When I select any text, the type becomes white and the background becomes black. I don't mind the white, but I'd like to change the black background to something softer. Is this possible running Word 2003?

ANSWER: Hello Tim,

Looks like you are going to have to work on the Ribbon section of your Microsoft Word for a while, Tim. If you are not familiar with the parts, please click HERE in a separate tab. Then follow the tips below;

Tip:To find the specific items mentioned in the instruction below, just hover your mouse upon the Ribbon


1- Open a brand new page in Word.
2- On the 'Ribbon' on the 'Paragraph' section, click once on 'Shading' then select color white or any that you prefer in the drop-down list.
3- Still on the 'Ribbon' on the 'Font' section, click on 'A' then select color black in the drop-down list.


1- Repeat step 1 in OPTION 1 above.
2- On the 'Ribbon', click on the 'Page layout' tab.
3- Then on the 'Themes' click on 'Colors'
4- Select the preferable choice in the drop-down arrow.

The steps are reversible.

Kind Regards,

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QUESTION: Thanks for taking the time to respond, Lenny. As it happens, I am using Word 2003 and so there is no ribbon. If I understand your suggestion, the change would apply to an entire paragraph. What I failed to make clear is that I want the change to apply only to the word or phrase or sentence that I select. I think the default in Word is to change the black type to white and to change the white background to black.
  Now, at the risk of confusing you, I AM using Outlook 2007. Somehow, when I select a word or phrase, the background color changes from white to grey (the text remains black). Now, if I could do that in Word 2003, I'd be happy!
Any thoughts?
Thanks again.

Hello Tim,

This page has all the answers to your question:


I can assure you the answer is within the page, just follow the instructions and customize to your perfection.


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