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I have two desktops, both are hp.  One run windows XP (5 years old) and the other run windows 7 (1 years old).  The hard drive is dead for the one with window 7, and I have no start-up disk because the operation system is built in its hard drive.  

So, I think of to clone the XP systems of the other desktop to a external drive.  Then using the external drive to start the newer desktop because I do not want to loss my newer desktop.   Is it possible for me to do this?

Thank you very much.


No wont work.How do you know the HD is dead on the 7 machine? You cant
clone xp or 7 to another PC since the hardware and softwear are not the same.
7 is installed with a different set of rules which include 7 which needs
to be formated with a partition for a ghost copy of the OS. XP needs no partition
unless you choose to do so on the original install. When any OS is installed
it records the hardware into the registry that determnes how the PC will boot.
Its more complicated than you can imagine. I can better explain it on the phone with you and since you live in NY as I do I can call you or you can call me and its possible
I may be able to fix your PCs over the phone.My number is 718 275 3505 any time is OK.

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