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Windows XP/delete,download, restore, empty not work


I downloaded explorer 8 to replace 7 due to notice that it was no longer supported by gmail even though it was working fine.  This caused the left gmail column to lack the inbox,trash,sent leaving only the lower part with contacts.  i downloaded 7 o replace this and now the delete key,empty folder don't work, I can't download anything from anywhere, and the restore to an earlier time wont go back to the previous month to fix this.  I used the disc cleanup that is installed on the computer about this time but I'm pretty sure it was after this problem.  It all gets confusing when trying to fix something like this.  Any ideas short of reinstalling xp completely?

Clem:  sounds to me like you have a virus (or two or three).  Do you have any virus protection programs installed - Symantec (Norton), Malwarebytes Spybot?  If so, reboot in safe mode and run the progrmas.  If you don't, then you'll have to load them.  If you need to download, I'd suggest getting Malwarebytes.  Boot into safe mode with networking.  Then go to  Download the free version.  Then run the scan.

You then should be able to do a system restore.  Go back to the point prior to the bad stuff happening.

Let me know how it works out.


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