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Windows XP/delete key stopped working


QUESTION: I downloaded explorer8 because gmail indicated it was no longer supporting 7  though it was working fine. When i went to gmail the ability to use the left column to get to sent trash etc was missing and only the list of contacts remained.  The inbox was there with new as well as old just as usual.  I restored to an earlier time to put back explorer 7 and now the delete key doesn't work so if I want to forward and remove prior senders I have to use the backspace instead not only on gmail but with explorer 7.  Hopefully this is the only thing.  I tried a different keyboard and it has the same problem.  What next?

ANSWER: Clem, evidently a problem occurred in the process of restoring to the old level of Explorer.
1) If you are using a USB keyboard, re-install the driver. 2) Some forums suggest pressing the shift key simultaneously with the delete key as a fix. 3) Have you tried using a different  browser: Firefox or Chrome perhaps? Each are fairly large downloads, but cause no problems when resident with Internet Explorer. Browser default choice can be used to allow use of any installed browser.
Note: I have IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera installed and use each as desired by selecting as the default browser.


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QUESTION: I tried the shift key-delete combination and it doesn't work.  Also tried downloading Chrome and it refuses to download.  Tried reinstalling explorer 8 and it refuses to do that too.  I have the original set of discs I created when I bought this computer but one of them has suffered some mischief from leaving my coffee cup on top of the case. If that one disc is not usable what grief am I in for by trying to use it along with the rest?

Clem, I cannot answer your question since I have no idea what part of the Windows program is on the damaged disc. It might be the heart of the program or code that your computer could do without.
Restore discs might be available from your computer manufacturer. Call them or try online.
Good luck, Carl  

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