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Hi Saed,
I would like to take a song recording from my DVR and get it onto my computer, then burn it to a CD. I have a Dell computer about  8 yrs. old and it runs Windows XP. Is this possible? Thanks for any advice.

it is possible if the dvr supports that , most dvr doesnt support that or locked by the provider for and its illegal to unlock them , so i would check with your dvr provider manual or the provider support first then go from there.

now there is a nother way which is buying cable converts and a good input sound card for your computer so it would actually pass through the sound coming out from tv or dvr to the computer then record it , it is an expensive solution

you may find that song on youtube , you can download that song from youtube and recorded on a cd as a faster way of doing it.

if you need more help please feel free to contact me back anytime
good luck  

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