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Hello, Saed!

By default, I am the person my neighbors approach for assistance when there is a computer problem and many times I have asked you for help with specific issues.  Your answers are always easy to understand and quick to resolve the problem(s).

Now I am wondering what might be the best way to address a user's complaint that "computer is running slow".  And, please consider this would be a newer user who has not been doing regular maintenance such as defrag and cleaning out temp internet files etc.  Also this user would be running an anti-virus program such as AVG already.  

Would you approach this matter the same for Windows 7 system as XP (since most are using Win7 systems and not XP).

Finally, can you tell me how many processes are normal or reasonable to run on these different operating systems?  

BTW, I'm surprised you've not been bombarded with questions from the girls since adding your photograph:-D

Hello Savannah how are you doing

same stuff for windows xp apply for windows 7 even 8 , the computer is slow because of too many things  that includes defragging uninstalling unused programs removing unwanted program from running from startup " on login" , cleaning the system from temp files and cache cookies using tools such as ccleaner , installing new updates and updating the currently installed programs, running anti virus scans to make sure no malwares/viruses are there , replacing the antivirus " a lot of them slow things down, getting rid of toolbars and addons in internet explorer or any other browser they use.

hardware issues , could be a bad hard drive or a hard drive about to die , a bad memory that need to be replaced or the system memory need to be boosted up like adding additional memory to the computer.

there are no normal or reasonable processes # , but there are unwanted process which getting rid of the programs that you do not use at all that start while your windows start will speed up stuff,  for example skype it might be installed and it runs when you login but you never used it , so using a tool like msconfig and unchecking programs like skype or adobe update or java updater from the list free up process and memory at the same time.

and lol no i wasnt bombarded at all, am i that ugly?! haha

anyways if you need more help please feel free to contact me back anytime through or directly at

have a good day  

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