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Windows XP/sudden slow down of net speed & Background downloading net traffic


Hi Lenny,

    I am using Windows XP (sp3), I suddenly noticed net speed slow down while I download or access internet. But, when I checked the network utilization in WinXP Task Manager, it is upto the Max limit of my net speed (even when I don't access or download).
And most importantly when I checked the network activity under firewall in BitDefender total security, I found full of downloading/incoming traffic at the Max downloading speed, even my system drive space is getting occupied, all this without my any manual net access or downloading any files or any other auto downloads or updates.
Let me know what is this all about and how to get rid of this.
Early response is appreciated and is pleased

Thanking you

Hello Sumazu,

Firstly, this issue is of high concern and purports an extreme security risk if for unreasonable doubt, some 3rd-Party applications or programs have been installed in your system. You need to ask yourself these questions:

- Is the current Operating System a genuine version from Microsoft?
- Is or are there any suspicious application/s installed and is/are running in the system?
- Has your Microsoft Windows update been turned on (preferably automatic updates) ?
- When is the last time you installed or rather ran Windows update (if manually set) ?
- How long has the computer stayed without full protection before installing Bit-defender ?
- Is the computer connected to an encrypted wireless connection (if on Wi-Fi) ?

Answers to these questions would or might enable you pinpoint the reason behind the current strange behavior.

Kind Regards,

Windows XP

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