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how can i create a backup drive in my laptop, coz i deleted original backup of windows 7 from my laptop hard drive. also advise me how can i create a bootable cd to run this drive

You can't create a factory image like you had before, but you can create an image of your hard drive using utilities such as Norton Ghost and similar utilities with the same function. In Windows 7 Pro and better, you have the option of backing up your hard drive to a network. In all versions of Windows 7, you have the option of a full system back-up and recovery which you can use to put on an external hard drive and use later to restore your computer if something were to ever happen.

As for creating a bootable disk for Windows 7, there is no method for this. There is a method to do this with a Windows XP operating system, though it is a long process. You should acquire a Windows 7 installation DVD if you want a bootable disk. With Windows 7, people claim that its recovery features are superior and that you'll never need a bootable disk because recovery and repairs are well built. I personally don't like the recovery options of Windows 7 myself, so like you, I'd rather have a bootable disk. Sorry I can't help you in creating a bootable disk.

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