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over the years I have connected several devices to my computer using the usb port. These devices include mp3 players,digital cameras,mobile phones,etc. The drivers for these devices were installed either automatically or by cd rom. As I no longer use some of these devices, I would like to know how to uninstall their drivers.I have tried to locate these drivers in device manager but could not. Please advice me on what next to do.

Steve:  a couple of other things to try.  Go to add/remove programs in control panel.  See if any of the drivers show up there.  If so, then you can remove them.

If not, go to my computer.  Drill down until you find program files.  Look for the program name for the device.  Open it up and look for anything relating to an unistall executable file.  If you find it, double click and follow the instructions (should any appear).

Let me know if this works.  If not, we'll find something else to try.


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