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QUESTION: what use is the windows end program option when it never works and continues forever to be unresponsive?  I just got messages that caused me to restart instead of waiting.  They were "compaq connectionsagent and backweb extension when I was trying to read email on Yahoo.  How can I get this to end program instead of what is happening all the time refusing to ??

ANSWER: Hello Clem
i'm sorry I couldn't understand your question at all , can you please explain the problem again and what programs are affected

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QUESTION: when accessing a program that is extremely slow or unresponsive and I use the windows "end now" option it takes forever to end necessitating a hard shutdown.  Is there some way to get the unresponsibe program to end in a reasonable time since the 'end now' option is basicall useless?

hello celem

when you open task manager right click on the unresponsive program and click goto process then right click on the process and choose end process tree instead of end task

or you can use sysinternals process explorer which is a more advanced system utility than windows task manager and you can download it from

good luck

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