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Windows XP/install xp performance via usb


Wanting to do a XP Performance clean install on my Lenovo IdeaPad S10-1208U,  with:
a virus-laden XP Home Ed'n
Intel 945GME / ICH7 Chipset
Western Digital 5,400 RPM 160 GB Hard Drive
802.11 B/G and Bluetooth Wireless Networking
Broadcom 10/100 Wired Ethernet
Realtek High Definition Audio
2 x USB 2.0 Ports
NO CD drive

All torrents, downloads I've found for XP Performance have had drivers removed. Some Performance Editons with USB support are dead links and I'm concerned with downloading those with viruses.

Without a CD drive, how can I install drivers and the Performance OS from a USB drive ?
Where would I place hardware drivers to enable USB support, prior to reformatting ?
Would I have to find an external CD drive to install ?
Do you know any safe downloading sites for XP PE?

Hoping you can help and thanks, in advance....

Installing Windows XP (any edition) can only be done through a CD/DVD drive. I use Windows XP PE on many computers myself, but I do not mess with USB booting simply because it can not be done. Windows Vista and newer operating systems have methods to booting via USB for installation. If you acquire an external CD/DVD drive, you will be able to use that to boot off of as long as you set the USB CD/DVD drive to boot before the hard drive inside the netbook does.

To do this, you can either enter the one time boot menu to select the external drive, or you can go into the BIOS and change the default boot order. After you boot into the setup disk, install Windows XP as you normally would. After the install is complete, go to the Device Manager and look for any remaining drivers that you need to manually install. You can acquire the remaining drivers from the Lenovo website by finding your model and downloading the drivers that pertain to what you need.

Though the USB installation will never happen, if you don't have any version of XP PE, you can get it here:

Be warned about your travel on torrent sites. Some torrent sites can have viruses planted into the web page much less the files they host. There is only two torrent websites I truly trust out of the tons that exist.

>"USB support prior to reformatting. "
--->This step doesn't exist for the user. The netbook BIOS will automatically detect the external USB CD/DVD drive and let you use it with no problems. For the BIOS (in any computer) to use the external USB CD/DVD drive for booting purposes, you will need to have the external drive plugged into one of the USB drives before turning on the computer so as the computer POSTs, it will have scanned the external drive and allow you to use it, given the external drive is functional. If you need to use the USB CD/DVD drive in Windows only, when you plug it in does not matter. Windows XP should have the plug-n-play driver for any USB CD/DVD drives so you shouldn't need to install any drivers to make it work while in Windows.

Also, when you finish installing Windows XP, I recommend disabling "Automatic Updates" and don't manually update. Many users of Windows XP (regardless of the version they are running) end up updating and a newer update causes major problems with the system or a particular program or run-time environment for a group of programs that run off of it. I run my XP machine with no updates forever and to this day, I have no problems. What I tell my customers all the time, "If it works, don't update". It's exactly the same thing as "If it ain't broken, don't fix it".

Hope this helps. Have a great day!  

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