I have a Dell 8400 computer running widows xp with service pack 3. For years I've been running Autocad R14 on this machine. The other day when I tried to open it I get a screen at top it says SmartHeap Library (think this is 3rd party software) below it says MEM_BAD_POINTER. I have deleted and re installed program several times. I've loaded it on a friends computer.. it works fine. I've tried running program in different compatibility mode.. didn't work! Microsoft has hot fix for this if your running service pack2 but I running service pack3. It is a Regional & Language Option. I went in and checked and East Asian languages is not checked. This program worked for years on this machine. Can you help.

Joe, most likely a scheduled recent Windows XP update caused the problem. These updates are sent out periodically by Microsoft.
Suggestions: 1) Use RESTORE to return to a computer configuration that worked.
2) Or ask Microsoft what update was distributed in the time window between "no problem" and "problem" with Autocad R14 on your machine. Then ask how to uninstall that update.
I was unable to find a fix for your Windows XP problem online but did find references to the SmartHeap memory pointer problem on Windows Vista machines.

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