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using avast free a boot scan comes up with error 42139  7zipfile is corrupted.  Any time a scan indicates a problem the 'repair' option never works and I put things in 'chest'.  I did the major restore in the compaq a few weeks ago.  Don't know if that could fix such as this if I did it again?   Also I have a 7 yr old computer and suspect it I download all 77 updates it will just about kill it so i have update off What is the significance of this and your advice please?

I'm going to start with the 7 year old computer. I recommend not doing updates because being an allexperts person, I get asked many questions on how to resolve an issue that was caused by an update. The only update I would do if not done yet is install SP3, and nothing else. I do not run updates on any computer I own and to this day I have no problems. Basically said, "if it works, don't update." This is easily transferred from the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it. "

Updates are usually to include fixes or security patches to Windows XP, as well as all other operating systems. Sometimes updates can damage how some programs work and cause performance issues. A big thing why I also don't run updates is because the operating system saves a backup of your operating system that was modified from the time before the update. It does this for each update, as to let you back track in case there is a problem. Problem with this is it takes stupidly large amounts of space to do this. You might calculate how much space all your personal files and programs take up, and see that even after the calculation, there is still a really large amount of space being taken up. This is due to those updates.

Now about the corruption error. The avast program could only repair u=such a file given it has a backup or previous version of said file. If your operating system is actually working fine, and you see this corrupted file message, it would be just as effective to hit the key that ignores it if repairing doesn't work. I say this because if one of your personal files was detected as corrupted (not infected), sending it to the chest would require you to jump into the chest and manually open the file, say it was a file your needed for something. For corrupted files, it is better to run a CHKDSK (error scanning) on your main hard drive to recover any bad sectors, of which the file(s) could be partially on, causing the corruption.

To scan your hard drive for errors, go to My Computer. Right-click on the C: drive and click properties. With the new window that opens, click the "Tools" tab. Then you'll see the first item in the window saying "Error checking" and a button that says "Check now...". Click "Check now..." and with the little dialog window that appears for the options, check both check-boxes. And click Start. It will give you a message saying Windows will have to restart to perform the action and just click OK. The simply restart your computer and before Windows loads all the way, it will perform the scan. Average time depends on the specs of your hard drive in terms of size and tracks and sectors. This process can take between a half hour to an hour or longer if it's a really big hard drive.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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