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QUESTION: I just got a wireless speaker (Logitech Z515) that connects to the computer thru a USB adapter. I'm trying to get my system (Windows XP) to play over both sound devices, my regular desktop speakers (to which my stereo speakers are also set up) as well as the Logitech. I've gone through the whole Control Panel>Sounds and Audio>Audio thing where you set the default device, but it will only play over the ONE that you set, is there no way to get all to play at the same time? Thanks so much!

ANSWER: Hello Sara. This is not something that is possible with the current programs out there. You can use a 3.5mm jack splitter if you wanted to split the single audio output into two separate stereo channels. I'm not sure how this would work with your wireless usb system though. Your wireless system likely has an aux port right on it, so if you can, you could route some 3.5mm auxillary wire to where the aux port is, you could use that in conjunction with the splitter to get audio to both the sound system and your desktop speakers.

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QUESTION: Hi and thank you for your quick response! So, do you mean splat and run a wire and then the remote speaker is no longer wireless? or is there a way to do what you propose and still keep the logitech wireless?

Thanks again!


There is no way to run wireless if you run aux cables from the splitter. The USB device is what sends the audio signal to the Logitech speakers. The audio device gets the audio signal from the computer through software/hardware configurations.

You plug the splitter into the audio jack of your device you are using, be it your computer, mp3 player, etc. Then plug in the aux cable that runs to the wireless speaker and plug that in (no wireless) and the other side of the splitter, plug in your desktop speakers.

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