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QUESTION: The company I work for has an industry specific multi-user database program on a file server running Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bit.  Most of the workstations are 32-bit running XP Pro SP3.  We started using this program in 2008.  Over the last several months, a serious latency issue has developed but when we check the task manager performance, usage appears reasonable on workstations, the server, and the switch between.  Under the processes tab, Idle time averages 90% or better.  I talked with a network expert and he believes the 12 workstations are overwhelming the server because some of the workstations have faster CPUs.  Have you ever heard of such an issue?

ANSWER: Yes, according to the information you have given me
it appears that could be the trouble. If your network
works OK on other sites and is fast then it would
verify that.It would not be unusual for a site to be overwhelmed
with traffic and pick on the slower PC The idle time may be telling you

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QUESTION: I have heard of sites crashed due to traffic, but I can't imagine a dedicated server being brought to a crawl by less than 15 users.  The T1 internet connection goes to the switch not through the server.  Can you think of other potential causes?

Since my expertise is in the Microsoft
operating systems it may be difficult to
address your trouble. The T1 switches are
a very special area.From what I know about
it you would be paying for this server and i suggest
you take it up with them. It is also possible
that it could be some reconfiguration in the
windows OS. Maybe even a virus. It could also be a
registry trouble. Recently many server troubles
have ignored XP and windows server. Perhaps
you should put this question into the pool to see
if another Expert knows more about it.

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