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QUESTION: How do I change from C drive (full) to D drive (empty)   When purchasing a new computer I had the old ones HD fitted into it - thus 2 HD.   Thank you

ANSWER: Elad, it depends on how you want to use each drive. Assuming Windows is installed on the C drive and you want to use the D drive for data or file storage, simply use Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer)to create new folders or directories then move or copy files into these folders. Application programs can remain on the C drive where they were installed.
If this is not what you want to do with the C and D hard drives, send me the question with a more detailed explanation.

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QUESTION: I merely want to use the D drive instead of the C which is currently in use and full.  When I try to remove (uninstall) programs it tells me "NO DISC SPACE" -  Same story when trying to delete files.
Both drives have Windows XP-Home installed and other programs.
I merely want to use the empty HD (D) and leave the C drive as is. Should I require anything that is on C I can merely switch back to it then go back to D for daily usage. ( I just use the computer for mail, surfing, storing photos)  Moving and copying files is too complicated for me - I am 72 and have only been using a computer for a couple of years - so please bear with me.   Thank you.

Elad, you are telling me that the D drive is empty and also you tell me that the D drive has Windows XP and other programs installed on it.
If you wish to boot from the D drive then you must modify the BIOS. This procedure can be different between different manufacturers and computer models. I suggest that you refer to the users manual for your computer or get a local technician to do this for you.

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