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Hi I really and truly hope you can help me,the other night made a huge mistake and I don't know what I have done but my desktop does not want to log in it tells me username is not available and I can't get into my desktop at all I tried putting un a windows XP disc but also no luck my desktop seems to have lost everything must I through it away or is there a way to get into it again please help ad this desktop has my work files on it and my company is now lost without it ad I can't get my enails and we can't get into the system
Thanking you

Hello Gavin how are you doing

just to double check, you can still get to a login screen? but it will not accept your password? or your username? is it work computer or your own personal computer?

if you do get into the logins screen , hit control + alt + delete and at the username field type in administrator and leave the password blank and hit ok and see if you can login

email me directly at it will be faster to communicate because i may ask you for more details to try to solve that problem

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