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I recently upgraded from windows xp to Windows 7 preminum. reluctingly. the installer deletd my windows .old files before I had a chance to store them on an external hardrive. I am now in the process of trying to recover them. If I am sucessful, what is the proceedure to merge them in order to be seen and used in the window premium 7? Also how good is the Windows preminum software? I want to go back to xp.Why did I need to have a large amount of hardrive space in order to merge my windows .old files. Couldn't they have been merged automatically?

The Windows.old file is something that only carries over from upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista or upgrading to Windows 8 from Vista or 7. It does not make/carry over a Windows.old file from Windows XP because of the kernel differences that XP has from Vista, 7 and 8 (Vista, 7 and 8 are all the same kernel). If you recover your files, they will be in regular file form, at which you can just copy to an external medium to recover it, then copy it to where ever you want to have it back on the main drive where you have Windows 7 installed.

If I were you, I'd go back to Windows XP. Windows 7 is OK of an OS to use if you have no other choice, but it is less secure, slower, and less supportive of some programs out there when compared to Windows XP. I use XP on all my machines. I tried Windows 7 for a long time on a few machines and just was at awe how bad it was, so I went back.

When you see the name "Windows 7 Premium", it really doesn't mean a whole lot. "Windows 7 Starter" is a light version of Windows 7 with some background processes removed and some system accessories removed to make it faster for say netbooks that aren't very fast to begin with. Then you have "Windows 7 Ultimate", which houses all the services made for the Windows OS, usually recommended for faster computers or else it will be dead slow. The difference is not that much if even noticed in terms of usability. I know you have more networking options, more backup options, more system support options, etc in Ultimate compared to Starter, but in terms of regular usage, you won't notice anything special. So with your "Premium, you are right in the middle. I think with "Premium", you are given the better networking options, and mid level options for backing up and most if not all system health options.

As for merging automatically, this is just where I insult Microsoft for their lack of logic. The large amount of disk space makes sense for the merging of the windows.old file, but why it's compressed into such a file, without even given the options to get the files back within tools of the operating system itself, is beyond me.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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