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Windows XP/Windows XP Pro Registry Issues


QUESTION: I have a left over registry entry I want to remove:
I went to start>run>regedit>HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and found the entry. Clicked on it>went to EDIT>clicked on delete and I get a "error deleting key" message that won't allow me to get rid of this.
Also, when I click on the top of a minimized page and try and move the thing it looks like I have 1000 pages behind it. Is there a problem with my graphics card? I checked on an update and was informed I have the latest software. My computer is also loading slower than normal.........I have performed all the common task-deleted history using cccleaner as well as using windows deleter, ran anti-virus, Super Anti-spyware, Malwarebytes......everything is normal so I am assuming my graphics card is the issue here, but what??? I am running a HP Vectra 400 (my back-up computer-old but reliable) with Windows XP Pro 32 bit. Could it be any other update like the BIOS or something??

ANSWER: Editing a registry can be danger. There is a better way. The tunneled display you got was
a left over .dll related to the graphics. I think itís all coming from the same
Entry. Itís not a virus. I personally donít believe in paying for a program if
Possible so I will give you a program that I have used many times on my own PC
And others it always works. Do the fix first then the defragment section.
After the defragment the PC will reboot by itself. Go to this site and download
It. be carful not to download any second or third party soft ware. Decline all except the setup which is an .exe file. let me know it should

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: NO DICE! Downloaded the registry program (thanks, it did speed things up a bit on my laptop with windows 7-nothing on my desktop with XP) but could not remove the registry left over.
My computer used to be pretty quick even though its a old computer however, it seems to be loading things much slower. I don't think this left over registry value has anything to do with it.
I have cleared all the junk with both windows files and cccleaner to no avail. I have run registry cleaners and optimizers without success. Have deleted all old programs and files. Defragmented, clean disc, everything one would normally do without any improvement. All programs seem to be XP compatible-I run 32 bit XP PRO. I can't figure out why it ran fairly well and then slow?? I also checked my graphics card which is a Matrox Millenium GP250 AGP and installed the latest drivers which I had to remove because they made things worst instead of better! I have used Bel Arc advisor for years and outside of a few "optional updates" it has a pretty good report. It has always told me since this computer was new that the hard drive was failing.......that's many moons ago and she's still running fine. Any suggestions would certainly be welcomed!

You canít always believe messages such as the HD being bad.
Have you run chkdsk from admin tools as well as scandisk?
The other way to see why itís slow is to run ms config and uncheck
All to see if it runs faster. If it does then check one thing at a time
To determine which program is slowing it down. Then find the program
And get rid of it. Usually more than one anti virus program running
At one time is the cause. Judging from what you have said you seem to
be running to many of these second party programs. Also Microsoft
Malicious  soft wear removal tool is a good one Free. It does not
Slow the PC down because it is an executable runs only when
Its opened. Let me know.

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