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I bought a Gateway desktop maybe 8 or 9 years ago, got an install disc with it too just in case. Everything ran fine until a couple of years ago when I was hit with a virus. My ex son in law reinstalled windows, but it seems - not from my disc? Anyway, I wound up with a pirated copy of windows, but it worked, so I just left it alone.

Today I wanted to reinstall the original XP so I could get whatever upgrades I havent gotten in the last 2 years. I put the disc in, got the code from the back of the machine, but it doesnt work. Says the code is invalid. Did his installation screw something up?


James, assuming that the "original XP" that you want to install is a standalone licensed copy,
there will be a KEY (what you refer to as a code?) corresponding to that copy. That KEY could be different from the KEY on the computer case. Look on the CD case or the CD itself for the KEY
belonging to the "original XP".
If not, call Microsoft support and explain that you purchased the "original XP" and that it has never been installed. Ask for a KEY so that it can now be installed.

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