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Windows XP/windows xp will not start up


windows xp start up problem
windows xp start up pr  
QUESTION: when starting windows xp, it goes to the start up page, then to the page that says press f2 to run set up, press f11 for boot menu, and press tab to switch screen. then a screen that says please select the operating system to start: (this is at the top of the screen) then right below that is 2 lines of copy. line one is Microsoft windows recovery console. line 2 is Microsoft windows xp home edition. and below that it says to highlight one of them and press enter. and then at the very bottom of the page it has for the troubleshooting to press f8. and this just keeps repeating it self over and over, and never does start up. so i did try starting in safe mode, and this is what pops up.


Try repairing the master boot record which will require you to have the Windows XP CD:

If that still doesn't resolve the issue, also try running fixboot:


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QUESTION: haven't seen that cd in some time now, of course now that i actually need it. anyway i thought i saw some where recently that i could download a free copy of windows xp, just cant remember where i saw it. can you help me out with that? im sure theirs hundreds of free sites for that, it just seems like when  ever i try something like that, it ends up being that you need to download another tool bar or something.

cant wait to try it.
thanks kevin

Hi Jim,

Unfortunately I can't help you out with that since that will be pirating the software from Microsoft. Nor can I vouch for you to do this since it may not be a good copy. You can try requesting another Windows XP CD from Microsoft instead which is my recommendation:


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