QUESTION: I have 24 PC's running winxp the were used in an interent cafe - that recently closed - I am trying to "Clean them up" etc etc  the issue is a Proprietary software "ANTAMEDIA Internet Cafe" software that I can not get past or remove. I have checked registry and deleted all entires - nothing is listed is add/remove programs I even down loaded 2 free uninstall programs that "claimed" to be able to uninstall it ... at restart its still there. Winxp boots I see the desktop for about 10 seconds them this internet cafe GUI pops I have tried safe mode - no progress there either
up and asks you to log in with pregiven info (which of course I dont have) any suggestions? Much Thanks in advance

(1) Did you try GOOGLE search on"uninstall internet cafe antamedia"? Several search results show up - which you might have already tried?
(2) My primary uninstall helper is REVO UNINSTALL which is a free download.
(3) Boot the Windows XP computer with an XP install CD. This should give access via Windows Explorer to the C:\program files directory. Then delete the ANTAMEDIA program files.

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QUESTION: I was up to page 4 on Google search for uninstalling Antamedia - one issue is I can't "find" the program on the PC  not anywhere ...
I tried 3 or 4 (forgot now) 'uninstaller programs' ... but again ...
once I installed the uninstaller .. I can't find the program even via search on the uninstall program - they merely show everything from add/remove programs AND all windows updates in one place to uninstall
I will give your REVO a try and also try the WIN CD thought as well - will reply later tonight - Much Thanks for your time

Nina - does the Antamedia program show in C:/program files?
Another suggestion: Try the program called SequoiaView which provides a visual of the hard drive.
And in color by clicking the color button in top menu.
Download at:

I have used SequoiaView for both Windows XP and 7.

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