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Hello Lenny.
I have an old Paradigit performer P318 desktop, os is windows xp home edition, it is used only for games in a home for the handicapped but well used, Problems started a while ago and so I decided to take it back to factory settings using the recovery partition F10 but sadly this will not respond, I have tried to find solutions via the internet but no luck, added problem is that we do not have an administrators password, is there any solution to this problem and if I get windows xp home edition on a disc can I reinstall without the original admin password?
Any reps or advise welcome.
Kind regards.
Adrian Poyner.

admin pw reset
admin pw reset  
Hello Adrian,

Restart your computer in Safe Mode
Select ADMIN as the preferred USER ACCOUNT on the LOGIN interface, this should let you in.
Click on START, click on RUN then type what you see below and press ENTER

control userpasswords2

User Accounts windows pops up.
Select the ADMINISTRATOR account.
Click on RESET PASSWORD under "Password for Administrator" section located right below.
Leave all password reset interfaces blank.
Click OK
Click OK
Restart Windows to confirm successful password reset/removal.

Good luck.

Kind Regards,

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