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Hello I have no sound on my computer on don't have the volume icon I'm getting the message No audio device when i  go to my check volume  And everything is grey I get the message no volume mixer installed I don't know what happen I had sound before on my computer But now i  don't It looks like something is not installed Any information would be helpful Thank you Carolyn

Hello Carolyn. This particular issue you are experiencing is directly related to the sound driver and/or sound card in your computer.

The issue is most likely a corrupt driver, but I'll mention what to do if you diagnose it not to be a driver. A driver is software that adds files to the operating system so the operating system can use the hardware the software was designed for. You can see if there are any driver issues with your system by looking at the "Device Manager".

To access the Device Manager, click the "Start" button--->right-click "My Computer"--->click "Properties". On the new window that appears, click the "Hardware" tab and click the "Device Manager" button. What will show is a list of all hardware devices.

If there are any issues driver-wise, you'll see something often located in a section called "Other devices". If that section is not there, right-click anything in the list and click "Scan for new hardware". This will refresh the currently connected devices currently known to the computer. If there is still no "other" section, click the collapse arrow to the side of "sound, video and game controllers" if it is not already expanded and look for anything marked with a yellow question mark or yellow exclamation mark. If you see any in the list showing said yellow marks, right-click it and see what the main window says. It'll probably say "The device can not start -Error 10". You'll need to download the correct driver for your computer by going to the website corresponding to the company brand of the computer (such as,, etc.) and search for your model and download the sound driver, then install it and restart the computer.

While you're at it, if there are any other devices that show those yellow question/exclamation marks, now would be the best time to get it all done.

Now if the sound controller does not show up at all or it doesn't show any issues, the questions that would be good to check would be "do you have a PCI sound card installed or just the regular on-board sound that comes with the motherboard".

If you have any issues, let me know. If you are not sure what to do, take a picture of both the Device Manager, the back of the computer where all the ports are and tell me the model of the computer so I can help you further.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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