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When I went to do a backup I get a screen saying "The Backup Utility cannot connect to the Removable Storage service. This service is required to use a tape drives and other backup devices. Please exit and start the Removable Storage service using the System Services function of the Management Console" I need to do backup to External H/D. What can I do!

When I try to create a System Recovery Disc in recovery Wizard, in the "Backup media or file name" box no mater what I call it I get "The backup file name could not be used [D:\recovery "one of the names I tried)Please ensure it is a valid path, and that you have sufficient access"
If I just put D:\ in "Backup media or file name" box, I Get "The backup name could not be used. Please specify a valid location and name for the backup file." Again what to do

Joe, Microsoft says:
Although the Backup utility is included with a default installation of Windows XP, it is not automatically installed in Windows XP Home Edition. Therefore, to use the Backup utility, you must first install it. Perhaps that has not been done? See the link below for all the details.

On my Win XP machine, I run ntbackup.exe then click on "Backup". Select items to backup and select the backup storage device e.g. an external USB connected hard drive (which must be already connected/installed).

Hope this helps.

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