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QUESTION: Recently, whenever I click a URL link - from Info Select, a PIM manager that I've been using for many years including the last three years on this pc with Windows 7 64 bit,  the CPU will immediately climb up to 100%, stopping the whole systme.

I have to terminate  the Info Select  process in Task Manager.

I tried to clicking on URL links from other programs - Word 2010, etc.  all is fine.  So it IS an Info Select issue.

tried the above with 3 different browsers - Firefox. Chrome and IE. Only Chrome  is holding some in about 40% CPU  but  it is not acceptable or fun.

I run Bitdefender, CCleaner, Super Malwarebites,  defrag etc.     

Anyone has some solution please?

Thank you,   Gabriel

ANSWER: what is the PIM manager program name and version #

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QUESTION: Hello again,

First, thank you for answering.

PIM is Info Select Ver. 8


hello gabe
im sorry I couldn't re-create the problem with version 8 or 9 or 10 on windows with internet explorer or chrome or firefox

I would suggest backing up your PIM notes etc..  and uninstall it then reinstall it
also I would track the last information you added to PIM before the issue started happening and try removing it

it could be a windows update package that caused the whole issue , id also suggest uninstalling only updates that were installed a day prior to when the issue started

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