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What is the least memory to run winxp 32 Bit?

And what is the least to run winxp 64 Bit?

Hello Bob. According to Microsoft, Windows XP 32 bit needs a minimum of 128MB of RAM to run. From personal experience, 512MB is the bare minimum Windows XP should run. When the user installs just a few things and uses the Internet browser for even basic stuff, the performance is absolutely terrible even on a fresh installation on a computer with 128MB of RAM. You can probably scrape by on 256MB of RAM, but 512MB will let you do most things with great performance.

P.S. I will say that if you install Windows XP fresh with say 128MB or more RAM and then go down to 64MB of RAM (just to fool around just say) after it is completely installed (and all the drivers are properly installed), the OS WILL boot to the desktop without any issues, but just don't expect to do much on 64MB of RAM.

Now, standard specifications for 32 bit operating systems vs. 64 bit operating systems usually goes like this: Whatever the 32 bit requires to run good, double that amount to make 64 bit work good. So if you have 512MB of RAM on a 32 bit, you would want no less than 1GB of RAM to make the 64 bit version of the same OS run as efficiently, given your processor can even run 64 bit.

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