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I run Windows 7 for the last 3 years and recently notices in the STARTUP - APPLICATIONS - a new program - PREFRENCES with a little blue e icon similar to Internet Explored but not exactly..  I also noticed that CPU sometimes runs high 50% 60% or even higher - sometimes, so than I restart Windows.  I tried to look this program PREFRENCES in the startup of CCleaner as well as Auslogic and it does not appear there...When I right click on it and Go to PROCESS, it always takes to IDRIVE TRAY, a legit program that back up my files.  Why would they use PREFRENCES???  

Could you please guide here.  ?

Thank you,  Gabe

There is a 99.99% chance that the "preferences" program does not need to run to make the backup file program function normally. What happens is many programs add background processes, often on startup to add functionality, run automatic updates for said programs, or automatically load into the RAM for "faster loading", such as in "OpenOffice", an application much like Microsoft Office.

You can disable likely a large list of items that load on startup by unchecking programs in the Microsoft Configuration utility, known as "msconfig". Follow this link: to get to the menu that allows you to modify the startup list.

Modifying this list properly will often make your computer load a lot faster since less programs are running, less is being loaded during startup, and can rid of errors (if you have any) from parts of programs left behind but left their startup utility.

As mentioned in the link above, go to this link: to determine what programs are safe to disable and which ones should be left alone.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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