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On using Search-find files and folders the programme shows keeps repeating indefinatly the same results.Is there an easy cure please

Hello Dennis, the reason why you are seeing multiples of the same item in the search results is because there are multiple locations a file with the same name may occur and on top of that if there are any shortcuts of said file name, they will appear as well.

As an example, if I go to search for "Internet Explorer" in the search field, I am going to find multiple appearances of what may be the same thing. If you look at the search results in "Detail" view, you may see file types, size, file location, etc. You may find that one with the file name is an application, and then the other with the file name is a shortcut of that original file. You may also notice different file sizes of the same file and then according to its file location, you will see that they will probably be different of they are the same file type.

Let's take pictures from a camera for another example. Cameras like to make folders, but inside the folders name the files in each folder "IMG001", "IMG002", etc. If you have more than one folder on the camera and there are pictures in each, then when you go to search for say "IMG002", you will get multiple results, but you will notice under File path, that they are indeed different.

There is no "cure" for this, but there is just the practice of determining the differences with the details to the right of the file search results.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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